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Heechul on Dear Closet
Published by: |   Comments Off on Heechul on Dear Closet      Read MORE      Filed Under: Kim Heechul, News

Heechul will be appearing on “Dear Closet”, a popular Chinese lifestyle/fashion TV show. Some fans and even Heechul posted a couple of photos on their Weibo account where he’s filming with Li Ai, a chinese model and the host of the show. wrote the following about this appearance:

Wearing his favorite long red coat and rocking silver hair, the star shows how a nice statement coat instantly adds a touch of complexity to a simple outfit. Next to the fashionista is the show’s host Li Ai, who flashes her beautiful smile for the camera.

Almost immediately after Kim Heechul made the post, Li Ai wrote a fun little comment her Weibo, saying, “You know what? Everyone working on the set today fell for this hardworking person. We all believe in the following: Kim Heechul is beautiful, and beauty is Kim Heechul.” It sounds like they had a blast working together!

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