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KPop World Festa
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[News] LOL Champioship
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CqJ3WfhUAAIxveN.jpg large

Heechul will join LOL Championship together with Hongki, Seunghyun, Minhwan & more. The event will be held in Guangzhou, CH on August 28.

Ulsanbawi MV Teaser
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KIM HEECHUL & KIM JUNGMO’s 2nd Mini Album “종합선물세트 (Goody Bag)” will be released on 12th of July. Kim HEECHUL participated in songwriting, and KIM JUNGMO actively led this album in songwriting and producing. The title song “울산바위 (Ulsanbawi)” is a traditional trot song and is about a sad guy who missed the chance to tell his love to a girl. Enjoy the music video teaser of their title song and send lots of love to KIM HEECHUL & KIM JUNGMO!

Gallery Link:
Screencaptures > Music Video/Teasers > Ulsanbawi MV Teaser

6/17/16 Instagram Update 2
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Zㅗ르Zㅣ마 ~ I’m not going anywhere, I will be your baby~ 🍑🍑 #DontUrgeMe #TWICE #MoMo

Translation Notes:
– Twice’s song, Cheer Up, English Translation by alwaysdreaminghigh.com
– Zㅗ르Zㅣ마 -> According to Heechul, this is how Momo pronounced 조르지마. Watch this video for more info. hehe

Weekly Idol Ep. 245
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