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Super Junior Comeback
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Elf mark the calendar!!

Super Junior will be having their comeback on November 6, 2017 which will mark their 12th anniversary. In this album, 7 members will be included (Leeteuk, Heechul, Yesung, Shindong, Donghae, Eunhyuk and Siwon). It is said that they will appear in various music programs and probably in variety shows; they’re also planning a concert (probably the SS7) at the end of the year.

More information about this comeback will be posted here as we came closer to the date so make sure to check back again soon. We will keep you updated.

source: naver

News: On Air NCT Show
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Heechul will serve as MC for ‘On Air NCT Show‘, a show of SM’s new boy band, NCT U. It will air on Naver’s V Live on April 9-10, 2016 at 8 PM!

Youth Recipe
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These images of Heechul was posted on Naver.com while filming ‘Youth Recipe’, a web-drama by SBS that said to be aired sometime in May. It will have 5 episodes with 25 mins. per episode


(I don’t know why do they have to blurry his beautiful face)

Heechul filmed the drama with Ari of girl group Tahiti, who posted a photo of them while filming, and Moon Gayoung.

cr/s: naver.com & ryeongbb

[News] Weekly Idol + Collaboration
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News 1:

It is confirmed that Heechul and EXID’s member, Hani will now be the consistent MC for Weekly Idol alongside MC Defconn until Hyung Don returns from hiatus. Heechul served as a special guest MC for the show for 2 episodes. Heechul and Hani’s episode as MC will start airing on April.

News 2:

SM Entertainment recently confirmed that Heechul is working for a duet track with MAMAMOO’s Whee In. The said duet track will be released sometime in April.

source: soompi.com

JTBC’s Code – The Secret Chamber
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Jung Jun Ha, Kim HeeChul, Baek Sung Hyun, Han Suk Jun, Choi Song Hyun, Lee Yong Jin, Seo Yuri, Shin Jae Pyung, Ji Ju Yeon and Oh Hyun Min will appear in JTBC’s new variety show, CODE – THE SECRET CHAMBER.


‘Code – the Secret Chamber’ is a psychological survival program that the casts have to evacuate from the locked down rooms with 4 different concepts by solving secret codes through mission games. Through their deductions, the program will induce the members to union, betrayal, corporation and competitions.

‘Code’ will air its first episode in January 1, 2016.

source: BNTNews

Hong Ki’s Solo Showcase
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FTISLAND’s Lee Hong Ki will hold his solo showcase this coming November 18 for his upcoming solo album “FM302”. In line with this, Heechul, one of Hong Ki’s close friend, will be the host (MC) of this showcase. The event will be held at YES24 MUV Hall in Seoul.

Heechul on Dear Closet
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Heechul will be appearing on “Dear Closet”, a popular Chinese lifestyle/fashion TV show. Some fans and even Heechul posted a couple of photos on their Weibo account where he’s filming with Li Ai, a chinese model and the host of the show.

Soompi.com wrote the following about this appearance:

Wearing his favorite long red coat and rocking silver hair, the star shows how a nice statement coat instantly adds a touch of complexity to a simple outfit. Next to the fashionista is the show’s host Li Ai, who flashes her beautiful smile for the camera.

Almost immediately after Kim Heechul made the post, Li Ai wrote a fun little comment her Weibo, saying, “You know what? Everyone working on the set today fell for this hardworking person. We all believe in the following: Kim Heechul is beautiful, and beauty is Kim Heechul.” It sounds like they had a blast working together!

Full Article at:

Oppa’s House with Heechul
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Heechul and Kang Hodong will join force for JTBC’s new variety show, “Oppa’s House”. Lee Su Geun, Kim Young Chul, Seo Jang Hoon, Hwang Chi Yeol, and Kim Se Hwang will be part of the show as well. It is noted that Heechul, born in 1983 (32 y/o), will be the youngest (maknae) of the show.

The cast will do the first recording on November 13, 2015 and it is said to be broadcast on December. The show’s official date and time will be set to release soon so pls. stay tuned with us!

Label SJ
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SM Entertainment has created an exclusive new label ‘Label SJ’ just for Super Junior’s promotions as of November 6 KST!

The new label will handle all of Super Junior’s individual, unit and group activities. There are a lot of members, a lot of unit groups and a lot of various promotions for the popular boy group, so it makes a lot of sense that they’ll be managed under their own sub-label!

The label will be in full charge of producing Super Junior’s albums and managing the group.

source: allkpop

Hoengseong Ambassador
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Kim Heechul has been appointed as ambassador of Hoengseong.