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With You All The Way S2 Ep. 10
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5/14/16 Instagram Update
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In the winter 12 years ago during an SM workshop, Miyoung, Donghae, Hangeng and I went snowboarding. Besides Miyoung, it was the first time we’d ever been snowboarding. I suggested we go all the way up to the peak of mountain, but as we were going up, Donghae and Hangeng got scared and got off the ski lift. Knowing no fear, Miyoung and I went all the way to the top. My cowboy hat got caught in my cape and… Wait, Fany Fany Tiffany’s stage just started, so I’ll finish the story after I watch it 😀😀 To think that our crazy, childish Fany has grown so much… 😢😢 I’m so impressed… #Tiffany #HwangMiyoung #IjustWannaDance

Translator: Nemuffles

Tasty Road S2 Ep 14 Preview
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Be sure to catch Episode 14 of Tasty Road (season2) with Heechul as their guest. Watch it on May 21 at 12AM on Olive TV

video credit: sjyh4

Gunhee Mentions Heechul on his Nuyou SG Interview
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Gunhee recently talked to Nuyou.com about his newly opened Korean Hair Salon, Bella K Beauty House, in Singapore. He also talked about working with Korean artist and his best friend, Kim Heechul. Below is the part of the interview where he mentioned Heechul:

It’s hard doing hair for his good friend Kim Heechul

Gunhee is good friends with Super Junior member Kim Heechul. In the normal course of working together they should be able to understand each other 100%. But Gunhee gave us the scoop that actually Heechul’s personality is very stubborn. Sometimes when [Gunhee] is doing [Heechul’s] hair, [Gunhee] will feel like his hands are tied, so much that they might even have a falling out!

“Heechul himself is he’s someone who’s very fashionable and carefully researches fashion. Every one of his hairstyles requires the whole team to work on it carefully. It feels like you have to break your head open before you’ll get an idea to match his daring and fashionable style. But he’s so stubborn, most of the time he won’t listen to anyone else’s ideas and he’ll think his own idea is the best, yah!”

Then, what do you have to do to change his mind?

Gunhee said, most of the time he has to expend a lot of effort. He has to try to persuade [Heechul] over and over and keep patiently explaining non-stop until [Heechul] believes him.

The most challenging of Heechul’s hairstyles?

Heechul’s fans also know, oppa loves the graceful long-haired look. So Gunhee said having known him that long, the most unforgettable “haircut tale” was the short hairstyle from when Heechul was filming tvN station’s “Flower Grandpa”. Heechul wasn’t really satisfied with the hairstyle, but because of the enthusiastic public reaction, he finally discovered that he actually looks really good with short hair. This also proved Gunhee’s decision, clearly!

cr: potatochul

Original Links:
Full Interview with Nuyou.com (in Chinese)
Full Interview with Nuyou.com (translated in English)

People of Full Capacity Ep 25 Preview
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Catch the episode on May 12, 2016 at 11:10 a.m. on MBC

Phoenix Television Interview with Heechul
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Heechul did a short interview with Phoenix Television (ifeng.com). You can check out the photos below taken during the interview:

The full interview can be found here [ ifeng.com ] (in chinese). Will post here when someone translated the whole interview in English.

Gallery Link:
Photoshoots and Magazine > 2016 > Phoenix Television Interview

CHIC Magazine Interview – English Translation
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Chic Interview- Kim Heechul: The Flower that Grows on a Cliff

Don’t Be Narcissus

Men so beautiful they can be compared to a flower, how many can you name? As for men who boldly and confidently compare themselves to flowers like “Universe Superstar” Kim Heechul, it could even be said that he has neither predecessors nor successors. Most importantly, when you hear it you’re unexpectedly powerless to refute it. He is entirely deserving of the title flower boy. He likes to dress on a whole new level of beautiful, in floral clothes that make other people lose their chill. His fans have a name that is both beautiful and arrogant—”petals”.

Narcissus among Humans

Crowned with that pink hair that people can’t look past, in front of the camera Kim Heechul shows his shop-sign smile, the electricity coming out of his gaze enough to charge the cell phone of anyone near him for a whole day’s use. Maybe your attention is unconsciously brought in by him, and if you’re not careful you’ll look a bit stupid, but don’t you count on him taking responsibility for it, to mean: “Blame me for being pretty!” Because as soon as the phrase became popular internet slang a long time ago, [that is,] “Universe Superstar” Kim Heechul, he has been using aesthetic and philosophical language, expressing a similar meaning: “Beautiful flowers have no fault, the fault is with the butterfly.” (Please mentally fill in Heegenius’ arrogant expression)

Since debut, his delicate appearance, long haired image, and definitely individual style of dress have turned heads. Facing the attention of the crowd, Kim Heechul is always calm. His catchphrases are never lacking in this kind of “only worship me”-style expression: “Being good looking or not doesn’t have a standard at all, some people think I’m good looking, others think I’m not. You have to have confidence in yourself, see, I usually think that I am very handsome. Of course, I’m a unique example of really being handsome.” That year on his Weibo the girls clamoring “oppa cut your hair,” “gege please cut your hair” weren’t the “petals” happily drooling under the influence of “confident” Heenim.
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With You All The Way S2 Ep. 9
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5/9/16 Instagram Update
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Kim Gayeon, Lim Yohwan Congratulations on your wedding!! 😀😀😀😀 I’m jealous…. The boys and I will get married after we play around a little more 😀😀😀😀 #SuperShow

Translator: Nemuffles

5/7/16 Instagram Update 2
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11 P.M. ⏰⏰ #AskUsAnything #IOI #JangSeongKyuAnnouncer #KimHeemi

5/7/16 Weibo Update
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Seventeen’s Wen Junhui. We really, really look alike. To think that small kid grew up this nicely… 👍👍 When I met him in person, we looked even more alike.. The first time I saw him, I wondered how could he be so handsome, I realized it’s because he looks like me 🐱🐱🐱🐱 #kimheechul #wenjunhui

Translator: Nemuffles

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