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Kim Gyu Where are you? 😐😐 #Yesex #Heefe #Ryeo...
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Photo credit: Jonghyun Heenim♡Simon D. #MilddangPochaCafe Translator:...
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"I've come this far and only rap a little" Simon D. 🍙🍙 #Eat3MealsADay #Chocoball Translator:...
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Aunt & Idiot & Wrong Chaeyeon #GrowHairGrow Translator:...
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My beloved Petals, we'll share happiness at our first solo fanmeeting. On July 27th in Shanghai, I'll be on a big stage listening to your concerns and sharing in your joys. Everyone buy your tickets @DaMaiNet @DongYaTicketing @YongleTicketing #2016KimHeechulAsia Tour Shanghai Station #IWon'tLeaveHereUntilWeMeet 🐱🐱 Translator:...
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Screenplay: Kim Heechul, Music: Kim Jungmo, Leading Lady: Jung Chaeyeon, Bodyguard: Park Sehyuk, Haenam House & 247 Cafe Owner: Hong Jungin, Flew all the way back from Singapore for me: Gunhee 🏃🏃 #KimHeechul #KimJungmo #MV Translator:...
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Chinese petals, we are finally having a solo fan meeting! 😭 At the HeeGenius SHOW: Beijing Fanmeting in the National Olympic Sports Center Stadium we can let our love set sail! @YanguangAPP and @Chuangdong Kongjian, I'll be updating you on my latest activities! #2016HeeGeniusShowFanmeeting #IHopeWeCanAllHaveAGreatTime!! Translator:...
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Yegit 🆎🆎 🏠 👏 #AB #HeeFe...
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